Meet Anastina

A 23-year-old plant-based foodie who strives to create exciting vegan food that will make you never miss animal products again.

When I was 16, my older brother went vegan. My younger self, who loved indulging in dairy and ate eggs nearly every morning for breakfast, would have never thought I would follow in his footsteps a few years later. I struggled with stomach issues all throughout high school, I just assumed I had a sensitive stomach. I hadn’t considered that my consumption of animal products could be the culprit.

I started my plant-based journey in 2015 when I moved away for college in U.C. Davis. On my 6 hour drive up and down Central California, I was constantly exposed to the extreme conditions cows face. Happy cows do NOT come from California. When I moved, I focused on only making plant-based, mostly no-oil meals. I went from not knowing how to cook and strictly following recipes, to creating my own.

I strive to make a plant-based lifestyle more accessible for everyone. I’d love to inspire people to include my recipes as alternatives to recipes containing animal products.